Yard and Fence Project with Briar Bates

Briar Bates was the plant visionary on this project, I did the metal.


Happy Birthday!

This art car was based around a 1983 Carpenter Transport Bus that has been to Burning Man (and continues to go) as a Golden Buddha, a Squiddoodha, and a giant pinball game.

In motion.
In motion.

Morgan had previously constructed a platform with solid railings around the top of the bus, and for this project a lightweight ring was constructed from which to hang the cake fabric. Exterior aluminum stairs were attached to one side and an extension apparatus made it possible to drive the bus from the roof deck (at 5MPH).

The bus without Cake.
The bus without Cake.
Driving from the roof deck.
Driving from the roof deck.
Top of the stairs.



This piece was conceived of and nurtured into being by Buphalo Tomkiewicz, who picked up one of these86090019 and flipped it upside down and said, “Let’s make it HUGE and half-buried in the desert floor and shooting FIRE OUT ITS TIPS!” So, all credit to Buphalo, but we’ll put it here for the bit of technical help and accidental inspiration I offered.

A video of the Firepod in action at Burning Man 2005.

One of those little guys (unpolished) upside down in a frozen birdbath.